When God gave His Son, Jesus to die for all mankind, He gave His BEST. When He gave The Holy Spirit to us, He gave His ALL. There is nothing more God owes us than all He has benevolently given us.

Almighty God made provision for everything we would ever need, long before we appeared on earth. Up till now, all creation still intact, testifies against mankind that God really owes us nothing. We are the ones rather, grossly indebted to Him because of the way we abused the great privilege bequeathed to us by destroying the earth He freely gave us.

You might ask, but :-
1. What exactly do I owe God?
2. How am I indebted to Him, knowing that I am not directly enjoying or benefiting from anything He created. (Perhaps, you believe, you have had more troubles in life than necessary).
The answers are simple!

First of all, your VERY LIFE is not your own, it belongs to God, The Giver of Life. He owns the very breath in your nostrils. That you are still breathing is proof of His Personal Grace and Goodness to You and The Hope of Great things to come. Without Him, there will be NO YOU! Psalm 100:3

As a human being, you inherited the sin nature of the fallen Adam which brought a curse upon all humanity, separating us from The Precious love of God.

As a result of sin, all kinds of evil and death entered the human race which made God to draw up another redemptive plan through The Last Adam, Jesus to restore mankind’s lost glory because He knew satan beguiled Adam and Eve to sin against Him in the Garden of Eden.

This is why, the only way out of sin and to benefit from God’s promises is for you to accept God’s provision for sin in the person of Jesus and be forgiven and reconciled back to Him. Psalm 51:5; Romans 3:23-26.

There are no other means of freely enjoying God’s innumerous blessings for us than completely leaving our lives in His Hands. All He ever demands from us is the exchange of our imperfection for perfection in Him.

There is absolutely nothing too much or too little to give to Him nor give up for Him in order to spend Eternity with Him. Mark 8:37.
He asked for all our heart, mind, soul and strength that He might bless us beyond our expectations.

Christ died on the cross to purchase our salvation, the total package of God’s abundant blessings for us comprising of His Holy Spirit, healings, miracles and other spiritual gifts, prosperity, power, deliverance, eternal life, victory, honour, glory, peace, joy, love, rich fulfillment of His great promises and so on.

Friends, what truly can a man give God in exchange for his soul and all He has freely given him?
Our souls belong to God and we are simply giving back to Him what is rightfully His.

Therefore, let us humbly walk our way back to Him today like the prodigal son to obtain His mercy and forgiveness through The Precious Blood of Jesus. He is always eagerly waiting for the Lost.

If you have already accepted Him as your Lord and Personal Saviour, Praise God! Please, never let go of His unchanging Hands.
Tests, trials, temptations, persecutions or difficult times will come or satan’s fiery darts from the pit of hell may even be hurled at you, it is not time to give up on God, wallow in self pity, throw in the towel and turn your back on Jesus.

Ask God for the grace to forget about the reproach, the anguish, the heartache, the pain and shame because if you do not, satan already has you where he wants you because he knows his time is short and he is unwilling to go down to the lake of fire without a fight.

So, why will you allow him drag you down with him? It is time to get up! Be bold, be strong and more courageous than ever before as you fight from the position of victory because you are more than a conqueror and satan is the loser and the defeated foe!

God bless you!


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