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Understanding God’s grace like never before

GRACE is often seen as unmerited favour from God.
Most preachers even look at grace from different viewpoints but one fact remains constant in all and that is, GRACE IS A GIFT FROM ONLY GOD. No human is capable of giving it. In this lesson, we shall be looking at grace as portrayed in Genesis Chapter 8 where it was first mentioned in the bible.

It is important to note that Noah came from the lineage of Seth. After Abel was murdered by Cain, the descendants of Seth started calling upon God again. Genesis 4:26 (meaning they did before something happened)

Why were the descendants of Cain not calling upon God? Genesis 6 explains this in full details. The whole earth was so full of violence, sex orgies, lawlessness and all manners of wickedness that God could not bear it any longer.

In fact, He regretted creating man, Genesis 6:5-6. (Please, take a good look at the world today and compare the atrocities committed on daily basis with what happened then)

In verse 7, God’s verdict was mass destruction, total annihilation or complete wipe out but one man stood out. Or should I say, something stood him out. The bible says Noah found grace in the sight of God.

How? Why? What did Noah

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