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Truly Nigerian

Almighty God never made a mistake when He created diversity of tongues and tribes as a result of men ganging up against Him at Nimrod’s command. He turned the absolute mess into a beautiful message.

Looking round the world today, you will see thousands of languages, cultures and tribes. Though the tower of Babel couldn’t be built, God still gave men new and beautiful ways to communicate. Every tongue and tribe became unique in a very special way.

God today is worshipped in all languages and He does not discriminate.
So why do we?

In countries like America and Great Britain, children are taught and constantly reminded that they are first class citizens of the world. Why do we Nigerians feel inferior to others, when the same God created the diversities same day and we all are equally very important to Him?

No man on earth has the right to treat a fellow human being as a second or even third class citizen of God’s world. There is only one Creator and Owner of Heaven and Earth, His Name is Jehovah, Yahweh, El Elyon, Adonai.

Even men of the same tongue and tribe behave in degrading and inhuman manners to themselves. This ought not be so.

We ought to love one another and be our brother’s keeper. Whether white, black or whatever colour we all came from Adam, not evolution and for the purpose of God’s glory.

That’s why, I am so glad I am a Nigerian, a sojourner on God’s earth and a full citizen of Heaven, God’s Throne and Kingdom. He never made any mistake creating you and I and placing where He wants us to be.

There are breeds without greed in Nigeria, those who only win by righteousness. There are intellectual enterprising and very resourceful men and women, boys and girls of renown reputation and in-depth knowledge and wisdom like their counterparts across the globe, in Nigeria. So why look down on us? Why do we also look down on ourselves?
Almighty God has not given up on us therefore we will not give up either.

Yes, there are a few bad apples spoiling the whole bunch. God will turn their hearts around and if they refuse to repent, He will visit them with His wrath.

In our lifetime, Nigeria will work. Generations after us will also partake of her glory. God will heal our land and restore us again. Nigeria will flourish again.

Peace to Nigeria, Our great and most beloved country.
Long live Nigeria!
Long live the various tongues and tribes in Nigeria.!!

We are One Nation, One people under God.

Let us be good ambassadors of our great country wherever we find ourselves.

I am so blessed to say once again, I am truly Nigerian.

What about you? Are you proud of your country?

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