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They Call it MADNESS But It is Actually Demonic Possession and Oppression

The world today is witnessing an alarming rate of satanism, demonic possession and oppression as people of different races, genders and ages lose their minds on daily basis.

This happens to some, due to alcohol or drug abuse, to others, through direct or indirect contact with demons or evil forces.

I cannot but recall the prophecy given by the late Beloved Evangelist Neal Vincent Frisby who vehemently requested that prayers be made for all youths especially Nigerian Youths, in the 90’s.
Although he never visited Nigeria, he could clearly see the calamities ahead.

The use of alcohol, hard drugs (like Indian hemp, cocaine, meth, Shisha and so on) and a dive into voodoo rites or occultism have become the order of the day in schools, homes, parties, anywhere and everywhere most youths are found.
This ought not to be!

Why would a brilliant sweet girl or an intelligent cute boy with a bright and promising future and so much ahead of him or her, end it all up in a psychiatric ward or rehabilitation centre?

Another way some people are afflicted, is through evil, wicked, cruel, and unforgiving satanic agents who cast spell on those they hate and want to punish by directly bewitching them or indirectly with the help of dark powers and satanic agents conjuring demons against them.

Others are introduced to demonic possession or oppression through the satanic lineage they come from, where, unknown to them they have been dedicated to demons who later influence them negatively in life.

Let’s take a quick look at the scripture in Luke 8:26-40. It is the story of the Gadarene demoniac. A demon possessed man, from whom Jesus cast out many demons.

The bible did not clearly state how that man became demon possessed but it probably could have been through one of the means stated above.

Also, contrary to the medical belief that insanity is hereditary, the bible made it clear to us that when God created Adam and Eve there was no record of even a little madness in them. In fact, it said that we were created in His image and we all know of a truth that Our God is not mad but it is Satan who is mad as he goes around lying, twisting the truth and making people believe in mere absurdity.

Everything God created was good not bad or mad. It was after the fall of man that the activities of evil spirits multiplied as men allowed satan into their lives.

The Gadarene demoniac of Luke 8:26-40 was in a devastating condition until Jesus came along his way. His family could not even chain him down any more. He was so possessed by many demons that he lived in the tomb.

One notable thing is that the demons in him were afraid when they encountered Jesus whose Presence alone forever commands the miraculous. He cast them out into swines and the man became a brand new person just like he was originally. (Isn’t it just wonderful that demons tremble at the sound of His Name).

Young man, Young woman, permit me to advise you to steer far away from what could put you under demonic bondage.

If you are already battling an addiction, I would like you to call upon Jesus to save and deliver you before it is too late. All it takes, is
a simple and sincere prayer from your heart inviting Him to be your Lord and personal Saviour. You also need to attend a genuine bible believing church where you will be taught the word of God regularly.

Whatever the case, I am glad to let you know there is still hope and help in God. (Isaiah 49:24-26) Jesus came to set the Captives free. Isaiah 61:1-4)

Do not believe satan’s lies that you cannot make it again in life. Remember, what Jesus did for others, He will also do for you.

In case you are not directly affected by all these, you can pray daily for those oppressed and possessed by evil forces and watch as God releases His power to save and deliver them.

God bless you all.


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