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The Power of God

Ever wondered about the Amazing Works of God?

Oh! How about the mind blogging questions of His Awesome Power, Strength, Wisdom and Greatness that flood your soul and spirit, making you search for answers no one can supply, since no mortal knows His beginning nor end?
He is God, all by Himself! He created all things but He Himself was not created!!

This month’s article focuses on the Undefeatable Power of God, as described and experienced in Scripture and our first Bible passage is from Genesis where it all began. (Genesis Chapters 1 and 2)

It is crystal clear that every part of Our God exudes Power.
Through the Spoken Word, all of creation were made and it is good to announce here, that they are still very much in place, just like from the beginning!

In fact, there are undebatable, undeniable and unquantifiable, numerical growth as proofs in human population, vegetation and animal kingdom.

He also has a Righteous Right Hand which does valiantly and is mighty to save, also dispossess and defeat all His enemies including satan.

Psalm 18: 6-19 describe His Sovereignty in delivering His own and He revealed His Omnipotence to Job in the book of Job chapters 38 and 39.
His Majestic Power also flows through Heaven and Earth. (Revelation 1:8, 4:8;11, 5:9-10;12, 11:17-18)
Moreover, the entire book of Revelation warns of His great and fearful deeds as He judges the Wicked and rewards the Righteous.

As saints of God, we are endued with the same power after salvation and it is The Father’s pleasure that we manifest this glorious power as His representatives on earth. (Mark 16:14; Luke 10:17-20)

Friends, there is no better time to ask God daily for more of His Power as the whole earth earnestly groans for the manifestation of the Sons of God. The Body of Christ needs to take her place in Christ and show to the world, the great wonders of Her God so that the people will not continue to grope in darkness.

May The Lord find in us, willing and useful vessels, He can work through in Jesus’ Name.


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