God often hides His greatest gifts to mankind like gold, diamonds, pearl, roses and other precious gems
in the most unimaginable packages.

Interestingly, these gems undergo PROCESS to bring out the best in them. Some are subjected to intense heat (fire), some pass through water, others are found amidst thorns.

Most importantly, they survive untold hardship, rigour, difficult challenges to remain Man’s most precious gems.

Diamonds are scientifically believed to be formed from carbon at very high temperature and pressure in the Earth’s mantle and are delivered to the surface by deep-source volcanic eruptions.

Gold is formed between rocks and washed into the streams. Its particles are gathered and melted, then shaped in fire again and again to become desired jewellery.

Roses grow in the midst of thorns and are seriously squeezed to extract its beautiful fragrance.
Can roses not grow like other flowers without thorns?

It is in the nature of Our Loving Father and God who freely gives us all things, to test the genuineness of His works.
Please remember, He is The Creator and as a good manufacturer, He checks the authenticity and durability of His products before putting them on the shelf.

He allows us pass through some challenging phases in life to know what is in our hearts and not because He hates us or wants to punish us(Psalms7:9, 11:5)

He has invested so much resources in everyone and everything created by Him and He is not willing to lose any. All we need to navigate through life and discover them is The Holy Spirit, Our Guide.

You might just be like diamonds hidden away in the most unimaginable place or package, feeling worthless, useless, full of condemnation and reproach. You might even think God has forgotten you or has no need of you.

I want you to know today that what you are going through is PROCESS and it is imperative for you to undergo it. God has you inscribed on the Palm of His hand. He is very mindful of you.
Please, go to Him in prayers and make your way right with Him. The fire you are passing through is not to consume you but to burn off the things that can hinder you from shining.

If you are like gold, you could be passing through water first, then the refiner’s fire next. (Malachi 3:3)
The water will definitely not overflow you. Neither will the flame kindle upon you. (Isaiah 43:2) You will come out purified and fit for The Master’s use.

Or you may be stirred up by the thorns around you like a rose so that you can seek God’s face and help. You may feel squeezed and drained. Yes, this is because the best in you must simply come out. Please, do not despair, it won’t be long. The whole world will soon know and see the treasure deep within you.

Whatever the category you belong to, one thing is certain, you are God’s best treasure, a jewel of inestimable value. Why settle for less in life through crooked means when the best is achievable and attainable in Christ. Please, don’t give up on yourself or on God. Keep holding on to His unchanging hand and He will come through for you.

The greatest gift of all given to all mankind came in a manger through a virgin. His Name is Jesus. He was bruised for our iniquity, the chastisement of our peace was upon Him, by His stripes we were healed.(Isaiah 53:3-5)
Jesus is calling you today to walk with Him side by side.
He is your burden bearer. Please, do not turn down His invitation.

God bless you as you obey.

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