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Dearly Beloved, it is another season of Thanksgiving when we approach God’s Throne with the attitude of gratitude, praise and wholesome worship.

A time when we thank Him for the Good, the Bad and the Ugly; when we are neither complaining nor murmuring; when we let Him know we are not serving Him only for gain but because we truly love Him.
Although we do not understand all He is doing, we totally trust Him, knowing He is working out everything in our favour, for our good and He will surely perfect all that concerns us.

Friends, it is time to count your blessings, name them one by one and it will surprise you what The Lord has done!

Praise from the Righteous is beautiful!
So, let us be glad and rejoice! Let us praise Our God in the beauty of His Holiness throughout this month as The God of Miracles continues to show Himself strong on our behalf!

Let His highest praise be in our mouths as we celebrate JESUS!!



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