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Standing Tall for Christ Against All Odds Part 1

In life, both old and young face difficult challenges whether they are Christians or not but somehow, believers go through more challenges than their unbelieving counterparts.

For instance, a believing child is constantly faced with enough temptations and persecutions daily when he /she desires to live a holy life which everyone around, does not applaud or approve of.

The question is, ‘why is this so?’ The answer is simple, the whole world lies in the sway of the wickedness. There is much more wickedness on earth now than in Gen 6:5 and God does not excuse nor take pleasure in evil, or any form of wickedness.

Psalm5:4. Most of the time, believers both old and young, male or female suffer untold persecutions, enough to make them give up on Christ ( Psalm7:9) but thank God for the warning, assurance, encouragement and hope Christ gave us. Matthew 5:10-14,10:23, John15:20. In 2Tim3:12, Paul also commented on this.

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