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Sin, Satan, the World and Church today.

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What are roles of Parents , the Society, the Ministers of God and the Youth in all these?”

The world is full of sins ,satan is working even harder than before .
Talking about the church ,we now have lots of fake pastors and ministers who invade the church freely through satanic means because Christians are spiritually cold and lukewarm.

Youths who ought to burn for Christ with their strength and vigour, now run from Christ due to all manners of worldliness they are exposed to , such as love for acquiring wealth through ritual and other evil means, Deadly politics, Crazy Fashion, weird music, sexual immorality and so on.

These are the works of the devil and to stop this, the church must work harder in soul winning ,parents have do more in bringing up their children and set good examples for them.
The youths on the other hand, should learn not just to work for God but to walk with God, they cannot afford to be lazy. They must understand that the pleasures of this world remains in the world …(It confers no eternal benefits)

The devil dominates more and more souls daily because we do not show love to one another. If you truly love me with the love of God and go His way by doing His will, there will be no killings, no hatred, no envy or competitive jealousy or wickedness.
We must love and also teach those around us same.

No one should be silent over the evils around them . The society ,in short the whole world, you and I, no one at all should support evil.
That is the only way, sin and satan will be powerless …..

God bless the whole world! Thanks for reading.

Robinson Zeal
For Hotf