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When God asks us to see His Face, He is practically showing us how to develop intimacy with Him.

Thus, our knowing Him intimately paves way for us to enter into His Throne with boldness, strength and courage to obtain grace and mercy to help in time of need.

There is no better way to serve God without a very cordial Father -Son, Master – Servant, Messiah – The lost sheep relationship, or as the case may be!

You may wonder, “How can we intrinsically obey, serve and worship The God we do not see or know nothing about?”
This is always the most challenging part, as our natural minds will only completely trust and believe in who or what you have tested and proven.

However, that is exactly GOD’S point! He wants everyone of us to get to know Him very well! He longs to be our best Buddy, Personal Saviour, Advocate, Teacher, Friend/Counsellor, Provider, Helper, Healer and so on. He does not want us to worship Him from away or refer to Him as non-existing, worst still, treat Him as one of the several man-made idols. He simply wants to be known for who He really is – The Almighty!

Here are some of the reasons and the perfect time to seek God’s Face.

1. For Strength 1 Chronicles 16:11; Psalm 105:4
2. For Understanding and Justice Proverbs 28:5, Proverbs 29:26, 2 Chronicles 12:14
3. For Provision Psalm 34:10
4. For His Salvation and Righteousness Deuteronomy 4:29, Zephaniah 2:3, Amos 5:4, Acts 15:17
5. For help through a fast 2 Chronicles 20:3-4
6. As a covenant with God 2Chronicles 15:12-13
7. Before and During His Judgment Hosea 5:6; 10:12, Isaiah 9:13, Jeremiah 50:4
8. When He is near and Forever. 1Chronicles 22:19, Isaiah 55:6, Acts 17:27.

Beloved, there is really no end to seeking God’s Face, His Kingdom and Will for our lives here on earth. Since we are going to spend eternity with Him, it is required of us to develop the right attitude of being in His Presence daily.


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