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The Role of Women in Christendom and in the World in General

When God created man in Genesis 2, He knew leaving him alone without a help meet was imperfect. Since He is a Perfect God whose ways are also perfect. He created the woman Eve for Adam.

In Genesis 1, God saw how fulfilled all the animals were with their female partners so He specifically made a woman to keep Adam company and help ease his burden on earth.

This wonderful creation by God has since then been used as God’s metaphor for The church, the nation and family.
It is absolutely true that Mother Eve was deceived by the serpent and not Adam but had Father Adam been around manning his duty post securely, that may not have happened. All Glory be to God, we have redemption through the blood of Jesus. The sins of mankind are forgiven.

The word ‘WOMAN’ can be defined as man with womb (Womb man).
The first woman was made out of the man (Adam), having everything man has and even more.

However, this neither makes her superior or inferior to man but one having equal rights to God’s love, attention and all His inheritance, just like the man, Adam.

After the fall of mankind (Adam and Eve), God’s verdict was to greatly multiply her sorrow and conception; in pain she shall bring forth children; her desire shall be for her husband, and he shall rule over her.
Once, thanks be to God who in the New Testament through Bro Paul said They (women) shall be safe in child bearing if they continue in the faith. Christ Jesus lifted the direct and indirect curses on mankind through the sacrifice of His precious blood.

Women became once again partakers of God’s precious promises. They are also called into God’s vineyard to help in the work of the harvest of souls.

Before going further, let us consider the following questions that have caused a stir in Christendom.

1. Are women called into the 5 fold ministry?

2. Are women supposed to be silent in church?

3. Should women usurp authority over men in church and else where?

4. What does it mean to usurp authority over a man?

5. What exactly are the roles of women in church and in the world in general?

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God bless you!

To be continued

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