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Rejoice, Be Thankful and Praise God

There is no better time to give thanks to The Lord, praise His Holy Name and be exceedingly joyful in Him than now.
The reason is because Our God reigns, He is Great and clothed in honour and Majesty (Psalm 93:1, 104:1).

Looking beyond our circumstances, daring to worship God in the beauty of His Holiness is what satan least expects from any child of God in the midst of a storm, therefore let us shock and defeat him by doing the unexpected that is, REJOICING, PRAISING AND THANKING GOD, for the great things He has done and the greater things, He will do.

We should always know that our situations can never overwhelm God, thus we should never give up. NO! WE CANNOT GIVE UP ON HIM, NOR ON OURSELVES!!

Our God is FOREVER BIGGER than all life’s problems, so are we! when we abide in Him! Hard times will pass, mountains removed but HIS ABIDING PRESENCE in OUR LIVES neither FADES nor FAILS and HIS JOY is FOREVER OUR STRENGTH.

Dear Friends, let us REJOICE, GIVE PRAISE to THE LORD and BE GLAD, for praise from THE UPRIGHT is BEAUTIFUL!
Psalm 33:1
REJOICE IN THE LORD ALWAYS. Again, I say, REJOICE! Philippians 4:4.


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