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Praying and Living Deliberately Like Never Before

As we await the second coming of Our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, please permit me to remind us of the key lessons He has taught us that are still very crucial now, as He walks us through the year 2021.

If there is anything, every believer is expected to do fervently till the end, it is TO PRAY daily even when we do not feel like it or do not even find the need to.
Our Lord Jesus Christ prayed till the very end (even on the Cross). So we ought always to pray.

Here are 6 simple types of prayer that should encourage us to pray always, since oftentimes we do not know how to pray or what to pray about.

1. The Prayer of Agreement. We can join our faith in prayer with the faith of other genuine believers that God leads us to, when we cannot handle any situation alone. Matthew 18:19

2. The prayer of petition. We should be confident in asking God to meet our needs and grant our desires. All we need do is to pray and believe. Matthew 11:24

3. The prayer of thanksgiving. Our praises to God should outweigh our petitions, needs and problems. We should appreciate His Mercy, Love, Compassion, Faithfulness, Blessings, Grace and Goodness. Philippians 4:6

4. The prayer of intercession. We can stand in the gap for others and our land concerning salvation, healing, deliverance, forgiveness and so on. Ezekiel 22:30

5. The prayer of commitment. We ought to learn to hand things over to God without worry, anxiety or fear to avoid stress.
1 Peter5:7.

6. The prayer of consecration . We must dedicate ourselves to God’s work and use without struggling. We must decide to voluntarily follow Him. Acts 9:6

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Beloved, we must make up our minds to serve God and Him alone , this year. The opinions and perceptions of men about us must fade, whether good or bad. How God Almighty sees us is what really counts! Let God be TRUE and all men LIARS. His Grace is sufficient for you in that, His strength is made perfect in your weakness and you are clothed with His Righteousness.

Let us look up for Our Redemption draws near!


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