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Parenting According to God’s Pattern Part 2

Factor 2

CHILDREN themselves

Many lives have been wrecked due to peer pressure. Children raised in godly homes have succumbed to the pressure around them through wrong association with unbelieving friends or sometimes, seemingly believing friends subtly planted by the enemy to destroy them, thus bringing pain and sorrow to their families.
This is because they themselves sought adventures (to experience the liberty to sin which has a sting called death but was introduced to them as fun in whatever form which in the end, took its toll on them). God help them! if they came out alive. Some still get involved in drugs, alcoholism, sexual perversion and so on and they may never make it out alive.

If you are reading this right now and you are faced with this challenge, I want you to know, there is hope for you in Jesus. That, you are still alive is a testimony! Accept Christ as your Lord and Saviour, confess your sins and repent before Him. Forsake those evil friends. Go to a bible believing church where you can be taught to walk in the victory Christ has wrought for you.

If you know anyone passing through this, please pray for him before it is too late. There is nothing too hard or impossible with our God.

It is not only parents who were given the mandate to raise children after God in the bible. God also instructed children to honour and obey their parents in The Lord.

Longevity of life, prosperity(wealth) and well being (health) are premise on the obedience of a child to this divine mandate by God.

They are expected by God to be very well behaved, endowed with wisdom, knowledge, understanding and filled with The Spirit of God, otherwise the bible would not have recorded the wonderful exploits of godly children like Joseph, Daniel, Esther, David to mention a few.

It is very much possible for children to serve God and God alone from childhood to old age. Yes, there may be challenges but if they hold on to God’s unfailingly hand. He will see them through.

Factor 3


One very old enemy of all mankind is Satan, also known as the devil.
He accuses us and specializes in ensuring that man particularly, true believers do not have a hitch free sojourn on earth, in every area of their lives but the bible says, “We overcame him by The blood of The Lamb and by the word of our testimony…”

Through Jesus Christ we have constant victory over the devil because Jesus is The Head of all principalities and powers and we are seated in heavenly places in Christ, far above principalities and powers, thrones and dominions.

Being in Christ gives us so much privilege and honour to kick Satan out of our family, business and lives. When our obedience in Christ is fulfilled, we can boldly tell Satan, “Thus far, no more” with God in Heaven backing us up.

Satan often attempts to turn the hearts of the children of God’s servants against their parents and their belief in God. He is an opportunist who takes advantage of any little crack on the wall of human relationships to launch his hateful and disastrous attacks. Therefore, give no room to the devil. He is man’s greatest enemy but Christ gave His childen victory over him, so walk in that victory.

In Eli’s and Samuel’s cases, the difference between the 2 prophets was that Eli did not restrain his children rather he pushed the responsibility to God. (1 Samuel 2:12-17, 3:11-17) Therefore God judged his entire family but Samuel must have controlled his own children to the best of his ability while also praying fervently before God, so he was not judged.

Parents, do not allow your children to make you sin against God. Correct, commend, encourage, rebuke, discipline and admonish them as much as possible.
Most importantly, plead before God on their behalf in prayers and fasting if their ways are contrary to God and He will abundantly pardon.

Children, pray and kick Satan out of your lives before it is too late. Why will you destroy yourselves with what will end in sorrow and death.
Retrace your steps, embrace Jesus. Stop believing the lie of the enemy that no one loves you, that your parents don’t love you.
Who can love you more, after God, than your very own parents through whom you came into this world?

Godly parents are specially equipped by The Holy Spirit to guide their children on the path of destiny.

We all are architects of our own homes. By ourselves, we choose to either follow God’s pattern or our own pattern (parents’ and children’s ) or satan’s.

May our homes be centres of kingdom’s activities in Jesus’ Name.


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