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Our Principled God

Do you know God works with principles? It is quite astounding how God created the world and still rules it today by His divine principles.

In Genesis chapter 1, by His declarations, heaven, earth and all living things came to be. (That is the principle of declaration or spoken word).

He told the angels, “Let us make man in our own image” The principle of togetherness or unity. The Creator speaking in humility to carry His angels along.
After the creation of Adam, God gave instructions as to which tree to eat from and not to eat from (the principle of obedience).

When Adam and Eve disobeyed, they faced the consequences. (The principle of judgment).

All through the bible, from Genesis to Revelations one will see the principles by which God rules heaven and earth and the people therein. So we ought to be principled too as God’s children.

The major reasons for these principles are to make life easiest for man. Imagine if Adam and Eve had just said no to the serpent and had not eaten from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, all mankind would have been saved and no death or judgment would have come upon any man.

Let us consider the principle of salvation in John 3:16 -18 which expressly talk about God’s love for mankind that tells us Jesus is our only Saviour, The Messiah through whom alone we can be saved.
To reject this, is to embrace the principle of condemnation in the same scripture.

There are also the principle of sowing and reaping, the principle of sin and its consequences/judgment, the principle of obedience and rewards/ blessings and so on. The bible is full of God’s principles which we can search out ourselves to guide our lives.

This is the reason why no man can accuse God of any wrong doing since He has put in place enough principles to guide us daily on our sojourn on earth and our treasures when we return to heaven.

The bible also has records of those who followed His godly principles and those who forsook them.

May we repent today if we have not been following them before it is too late.

Study the bible today and apply God’s principles to your life and see positive turnarounds.

God bless you. Shalom!

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