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Of the Increase of His Government and Peace, There is no End

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It is amazing to know that despite all the attacks from satan and men against The Name, The Word and Person of Jesus Christ, His Kingdom increases daily and is greatly established here on earth and in Heaven. Every moment, His Word is propagated in the hearts and souls of men.

Like Gold tried with fire, the authenticity of His word has withstood the test of time, extending the frontiers of His kingdom right to the gates of His enemies.

The more the opposition and aspersions cast on His Name, the brighter, He shines.

Indeed, Prophet Isaiah’s words spoken under the inspiration of The Holy Spirit, have not gone unfulfilled because The zeal of The Lord performed (and still performs it) Isaiah 9:6-7.

Beloved, there is endless and lasting peace in Jesus, no matter how chaotic the situation of the world is, right now. He willingly bears our burdens upon His shoulder, giving Grace to everyone in need.

Let us therefore keep our hope alive in Him who is The King of Kings. He reigns supremely and His kingdom is from everlasting to everlasting.

God bless you all.