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My Mouth will tell of Your Righteous Deeds – Psalm 71:15

My Mouth will tell of Your Righteous Deeds – Psalm 71:15

O, what a wonderful way to end the eventful Year 2022 and begin the Creative Turnaround Year 2023 with whole hearted Praise and Thanksgiving!

Our God is surely Mighty, Awesome, Righteous and Greatly to be praised! A thousand tongues will never be sufficient to sing Our Great Redeemer’s Praise!

He indeed moves mountains! He causes walls to fall!! He performs miracles!!
With Him, there is no impossibility!!!
There is nothing, there is no one to compare with Our Lord Jesus Christ, therefore we take pleasure in worshipping ONLY HIM, THE GREAT I AM!

Friends, let us think about HIS LOVE and GOODNESS, without a doubt we will agree that GREAT IS THE MEASURE OF OUR FATHER’S LOVE!

Though we may feel like all our needs were not met and all prayers answered in 2022, we should rejoice because God is still working out something beautiful for us behind the scene. We do not have to cast away our faith, our confidence and lose hope!

Rather, our mouth must continue to tell of His Righteousness. We must summon up courage to yet trust Him as He is Ever Faithful and never fails!

God’s promise, just like His vision may tarry but wait for it because it shall surely come! Habakkuk 2:3
If we do not give up, we will surely have our desires granted.

As we continue in the Spirit of Thanksgiving this Amazing Year, let us read Psalms Chapters 145 through 150.

May The Peace and Joy of God continually be with us and upon us throughout the year, 2023 and till Our Saviour returns in Jesus’ Name!


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