Hold On! God Still Does Miracles

Have you ever wondered if God could ever single you out for His blessings? If miracles still happen? Or if He could ever hear your desperate cry for His Divine intervention?
Friends, I have news for you, MIRACLES STILL HAPPEN!!!

The GOD of yesterday is STILL GOD, today! He is The Never Changing, Forever-The-Same GOD! No circumstance or situation can change Him or frustrate His plan or even alter His word. He promised to always do the miraculous in the lives of His children and we can most assuredly count on it.

You might think your miracle is coming in a little late; please, wait for it because it shall surely come. Hold on! Only believe!! God is never late!! He is always right on time!!!

Friends, it is time to look unto Jesus expectantly. Faithful is He who has promised; who will also do it.

Expect a miracle today!


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