Happy Independence Day Nigerians!

As we celebrate the 59th Independence Day of our great Nation, Nigeria, let us all soberly reflect on our journey thus far.

Taking our cue from the biblical story of King Solomon in 2 Chronicles chapters 6 and 7 when he built the temple, offered sacrifices and prayers to God and how He responded to his requests, pointing out the importance of walking in His Will in total obedience, not following idols but humbling ourselves as His people under Him, could also help fix our country, just like it did, Israel.

No doubt, we have been through a lot as a result of our national wickedness amongst other wrong doings but God is more than willing to forgive us and heal our land; (2Chronicles7:14) and our Beloved country, Nigeria will surely rise again in Jesus’ Name.

A song

Nigeria will flourish again
Nigeria will flourish again
God will heal our land
Restore usagain
Nigeria will flourish again.

Once again, Happy 59th Independence Day and long live Nigeria!!

Humbly Nigerian!!!

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