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Happy First Anniversary, HOTF

What shall we say unto The Lord?
All we have to say,
Is “Thank you, Lord.”
“Thank you, Lord”
“Thank you, Lord”
All we have to say,
Is ” Thank you, Lord”

Looking back at where Hotf started from, we indeed do have every reason to glorify God’s Holy Name for His Faithfulness, Goodness and Mercy that endures forever.

What began as a school fellowship ministration, career counselling programme, health seminar, women empowerment programme cum fellowship, a whatsapp group (which was created and named “Heirs of The Father” on April 12, 2016) has, by God’s grace, metamorphosed into a website reaching more people with the gospel and doctrines of Christ.
To God be the glory, great things He has done and greater things, He will do.

However, we can never forget to appreciate all the wonderful people who have worked and still work tirelessly supporting us at different times on this journey. God bless you all so richly. May you continue to shine as light that others see Christ through in this crooked world. (Space and time will not permit us to mention all your names. Please, do bear with us).

We trust God to do even more through us in the years ahead.


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