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God’s Will

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Oftentimes, we wonder if we are in the will of God when faced with so much pressure, fear, anxiety and uncertainty: Our sense of reasoning and general perception of God become vague, grossly beclouded by the happenings around us. So, we earnestly seek God’s affirmation that we are still on course.

Failure to get an inner peace emanating from the gentle assurance from the Holy Spirit, makes it almost impossible for us to continue to please God and live a joyful, satisfactory and victorious Christian life in such moments.

In this lesson, we shall be looking at “What exactly is God’s will? How to know the will of God and walk in it and the benefits of His will”


The will of God is God’s specially laid out and perfectly planned desire for all His creation , most importantly His children.
Since God is Infinite, Omnipotent and Omniscient, He predetermined the time, process and purpose of everything He created, long before their existence and His primary objective is to glorify to His Name in all His works.

Please note that all creation (whether Man (believers and unbelievers) and every living thing) are subject to His will. Therefore, none can function effectively without obeying and fulfilling His mandate.


Knowing the mind of God simply means knowing God’s will. However, He does not reveal His will to those who are not intimate with Him. The first step to this, is through a Father/Son relationship with Him and it is most important to note that no one can know the will of The Father without being a part of His family.

Nevertheless, it is impossible to accurately discern the mind of God without salvation in Christ since it is His will that humanity should have the opportunity to choose salvation over death and eternal damnation by believing in Christ.

Without salvation through the Precious blood of Jesus, there is no access to God, let alone His will or mind.


Visualizing a nine to twelve month old infant learning how to take the first walk before perfecting it , helps illustrate our walk with God as we strive to do His Will. At first, the little child holds on tightly in absolute trust and total surrender to a solid object or a person. He/she wobbles, then firmly stand on his/her feet and finally takes a step or two. With regular practice, it does not take long, before he or she moves around freely without any assistance.

Similarly, in our walk with God, we must discover the promises of God for our lives as written in the scripture. His word is the solid rock that we must hold on to, at every point of our lives even when we stumble or fall.
His Will is clearly stated in His word (The Bible) and there is no way to walk in it without full obedience and total surrender.

Sometimes, we might need the help of other believers in prayers and mentoring to guide us through our growing stage. There was Eli in Samuel’s life in the Old Testament and there was Lois and Eunice, then Apostle Paul in Timothy’s life in the New Testament.
Please note that God’s will encompasses every aspect of our lives, for example, family, education, business, profession, marriage, health, choice of food, drink, friends, , even to the most insignificant detail you will not believe He cares about.
His main objective is to guarantee our peace, joy and safety at all times.


God gave us The Holy spirit as our Guide, Teacher and Comforter and it is His responsibility to lead us in the way we should go every step of the way as we constantly seek His help.
When we are convinced and assured by The Holy Spirit that we are in The Father’s will, our joy is limitless and a lasting peace floods our spirit.
Even in the face of the challenges that accompany doing His Will, we remain steadfast and undeterred until His Will is accomplished in our lives.
The three Hebrew children in the fiery furnace are perfect examples of this.
Jesus also willingly did The Father’s will in spite of the crucifixion that we all might be saved and have everlasting life that is full of joy, peace, all round prosperity and blessings.
Beloved, there is no better place to be in the days we are living in now than in God’s Will.
God bless you as you seek His Will for your life and walk in it.