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God is God Alone, Let Every Other God Who Has Not Created Heaven and Earth Perish

Have you ever asked yourself these questions, Who is God? Does He really exist? Was everything really created by Him? These and many more must have crossed your minds at any time. Without any doubt, all creations testify that He is indeed alive and reigns for ever more.

God is simply God alone. There will be none of us without Him. No earth, no life, absolutely nothing at all. (Hebrews 1:10-13),
so why do people enjoy life on earth and forget the Very One who is THE MAIN SOURCE OF IT ALL?

Many scientists have probed the earth and other works of God’s hands, concluding with facts, (not truths) contrary to the originality of His creation but thank God for those who affirmed and proclaimed His Sovereignty through their findings.

The truth that God lives and reigns can never be over emphasized.
If you are in doubt, just take a good look at yourself, recount His goodness and faithfulness in your life, even before you were born. (You could have been aborted, you know) That you are alive today is a testimony.

It is impossible for you not to have one or two things to attribute to His sovereignty. ( Search deeply)

Your Disability is Part of The Plan

Please, stop looking for things that do not satisfy and seeking God where He cannot be found (Isaiah 55:1-13). All you need is God. He is closer to you than you can ever imagine. Just pray to Him. He is Holy and Righteous and there is no evil in Him. Acknowledge His Lordship over your life.
Oh, taste and see that The Lord is good. (Psalm 34:8)

Praise God, if you already know Him, press in more unto Him and tell others about Him. You will be glad you did.

God is good at all times and His wisdom is unsearchable.


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