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Where are Faithful Men, The Men After God’s Heart? Part 1


God found a friend in Man when He created Adam. He visited him in the cool of the day and they had a very cordial relationship , we could clearly see The Almighty Creator loved His creation so much and would do anything to keep the fire of their relationship burning.

Imagine for a second, how hard God worked for 6 days, thoroughly furnishing Eden and the whole earth just for Adam and Eve to enjoy.

Sadly, through so much hatred, jealousy and deception, satan who knew he was already replaced by God with Adam as God’s right hand person, made Adam fall. Thus, Adam was thrown out of the garden with Eve.

However, The Ever Loving God knew it was not man’s deliberate intention to sin against Him, so He made an alternative arrangement to reconcile him back to Himself through The shed Blood of Jesus Christ which is the ultimate sacrifice for all our sins.

We cannot help but ask “What is man that You are mindful of him, the son of man that You visited him?”
Such depth of love is inconceivable, it is beyond human comprehension.
The best thing we can do is to rest in His everlasting arms and enjoy the fulfilment of all His precious promises.

In the bible, we discovered that certain men stood out for God, in spite of their human weaknesses and life challenges. They are called “Faithful men, men after God’s heart”.

In the series, we shall be meeting some of these biblical heroes whose names are written in gold in Heaven and on earth, their awesome testimonies are still on the lips of the people, many centuries later.

Remain Blessed!

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