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Dreams Part 2

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Still on our topic, “Dreams”,
in Joel 2:28, God’s promise of the great outpouring was that “Our sons and daughters shall prophesy, our old men shall dream dreams and our young men shall see visions”.

Please, note that as He wills, our young men and women can also dream dreams and our old men and women see visions because of how important it is to God and humanity that we operate in this supernatural realm in order for us to receive revelations from God for guidance, direction and so on as clearly stated in Part 1 of this topic.

It is important to quickly add here, that the nine spiritual gifts in 1Corinthians 12:8-11 are classified into three groups namely:

Power gifts
(i) Faith
(ii) Working of Miracles
(iii) Gifts of Healings

Revelation gifts
(i) Word of wisdom
(ii) Word of knowledge
(iii) discerning of spirits

Utterance/Inspirational gifts
(i) Different kinds of tongues
(ii) Interpretation of tongues

There is therefore, no spiritual gift in 1 Corinthians 12 called “The gift of Dreams” but dreams from God can be categorized under the Revelation gifts.

God, in His awesomeness, can show us present and past events in dreams while asleep or in a vision, while still wide awake (Word of knowledge).
He can also reveal future events through dreams or visions (Word of Wisdom).

How to handle dreams that are not from God.

It is noteworthy that dreams should be written down, if possible and thoroughly evaluated in scriptures.

A nightmare or spiritual attack in a dream which is contrary to God and His word should be handled by carefully searching out the word of God in the Bible that relates to the dream, then meditating, confessing and praying the word over your life and situation, believing that God’s word is greater than every dream or vision and you will surely have victory over the evil one.

Even when you believe a dream is from God, prayerfully watch and wait for its manifestation.

Having this knowledge, we therefore ought to ask God for more of the great outpouring and the manifestation of the spiritual gifts in our lives, homes, churches and nation.

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