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Doing God A Service Outside His Will

Oftentimes, we wonder why it seems our efforts are not adequately appreciated and rewarded, especially when the service rendered, is in God’s vineyard.

The factors, we do not consider are:
1. Who called us to do the work, God or man?
2. Do we truly have a calling?
3. Are we doing what He designed and called us to do?
4. Were we forced or cajoled into taking up the responsibility in church or elsewhere in order to be recognized as being active or working for God?

When God calls us to work for Him, He sufficiently equips us in all areas that there is nothing at all that we lack.

The zeal, the power, the unction to function, the enabling Grace, the people with whom we will work, the resources and everything else, He already prepares ahead of time. Although, we may not see the full picture at first, they are always already there. However, when He has not called us but we call ourselves to do His work, we struggle on our own and sometimes end up frustrated, agitated, become so bitter and full of complaints against God and even man.

Let’s take a moment to ask ourselves this question right now, “Is what I am doing now, a service God demands from me?”
We all know the answer individually.

God has called us all to preach the gospel once when we are saved but this does not make us all evangelists, prophets, pastors, apostles or teachers, there are also gifts of administrations and helps
(1Corinthians12:28-31). We all do not need pulpits or large congregations to obey this command. One on one evangelism or life style evangelism is all we need.

As little or insignificant as sweeping the floor, arranging the chairs, praying for The Body of Christ, visiting the sick, widows, prisoners, giving and helping the Poor, the Needy and so on with all diligence and a pure heart before God, might seem, they will never go unrewarded by God. In fact, He rewards them beyond our widest imaginations. Though, the whole world may not notice or acknowledge them, God does and that is what matters most.

If we are faithful and diligent to the end, He will adequately reward us.

There are diversities of gifts, God has equipped each and everyone of us with. He has also called us in different ways to work for Him but most times we are interested in doing what belongs to others because of human recognition and not God’s. It is therefore our responsibility to desist from this and discover our own calling so that we can offer God quality and acceptable service.

While Mary sat down at Jesus’ feet learning more about Him and discovering her role or calling as He spoke, Martha thought she already knew. She believed yhat service
(handling welfare) was greater than the power, knowledge and wisdom to function. She forgot that the place of intimate fellowship with Jesus, was the place of Calling or Destiny Discovery. No one can serve God better than how He illustrates and wants it. He always calls His own apart to Himself to teach and show them greater ways of reaching their full potentials in His Vineyard.

Thank God for The Master’s love and mercy upon Martha that day, which brought about a change in her life. He is also doing the same right now by asking you to retrace your steps to see if you are doing Him a service outside His will. God bless you as you do that.

In churches today, there are people who are neither prepared to serve nor have God’s callings in their lives, ordained as ministers in His vineyard. Such individuals and those who ordained them make a shipwreck of God’s work and scatter His sheep because of their negligence and ignorance.

As good as it is to motivate people to work for God, we should be very careful never to entrust God’s flock into the hands of wolves, therefore undermining and hindering the move and flow of God’s power upon His flock.

Those called into God’s service must be proved and tested, God fearing, bible believing men and women, boys and girls whose lives are worthy of emulation in every area. This will stand as a testimony to the world as it brings glory to God.

When God calls you into His vineyard, you soar on the wings of the eagle irrespective of the challenges you may face along the way.

We must all remain diligent and faithful in our work for The Master because He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.


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