Human beings experience different degrees of these emotions at one point or another in a lifetime.

Religious inclinations, race, social status, education or any other factor cannot override these negative feelings which, when allowed to fester on our minds, open the door to satanic attacks.

Painstakingly, Our Loving Heavenly Father watches us with so much pity when we get into this state of despair through ignorance and total neglect of His love and grace. We then run from Him instead of running towards Him, who is The Only Way Out.

His purpose for us in difficult times is not to mar us but to make us. However, our flesh, mind and the devil convince us to believe otherwise, therefore God patiently waits for us because He knows that when we are frustrated and at our wits’ end; we will desperately cry out to Him for help and He will oblige us.

To think we could wish these negative vibes away, but we really cannot!

Being yoked with Jesus is the solution to depression, disappointment, anxiety, worry and fear. He completely submitted Himself to God as He bore the sins of the whole world on the cross of Calvary, asking for The Father’s Grace and Strength.

His invitation to us to cast our own burdens on Him who is able to give us rest is unbeatable and irreplaceable by all standards! Leaving us to either willingly give Him our burdens or crash under their weights when we are so overwhelmed by our challenges, for foolishly ignoring His help.

No matter how many years we have been saved and preached the word, the devil never wants to leave us alone. Therefore, it is important that we shut the doors of our hearts against him and not yield to him nor believe any of his lies because he will never speak the truth about us!

Believing his lies shows how deep our loneliness and unbelief are, thus creating the right opportunity for satan to operate and defeat us.

The battle over our souls is already won by The Lord Jesus Christ and we have been made more than conquerors. Now, we need to be bold, strong and courageous more than ever, submitting to God without giving any place to the devil. (That is not to say however, that he will not fight recklessly dirty to discourage and ridicule us, making mockery of our faith. Remember, he is the enemy who will stop at nothing to destroy us).
If we hold on a little bit longer and not easily give up, our victory is certain in the grace and strength of Jehovah as we count it all joy even in the face of uncertainty.

The road to success in everything is always a lonely one and it is best to trust God rather than hopelessly throw in the towel when we cannot see God.
We do not have to understand the plans of God, we only have to trust His purposes.

In the days ahead when the arm of flesh fails us and what we think we know no longer counts, the only thing that will work for us will be our faith in God and His word , with very strong convictions.

Beloved, depression, disappointment, worry or anxiety and fear are real but our help in God is even more real than them. Give God all your troubles and pains today and He will turn them into joy!

May God hold us tight in His Everlasting arms.


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