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Chasing After God, a Way of Holiness

CHASING AFTER GOD, A WAY OF HOLINESS “For I am The Lord Your God. You shall therefore sanctify yourselves, and you shall be holy; for I am holy. Leviticus 11:45. I have often wondered why all through the bible Holiness is attributed to God as His nature and He demands it from all His creations.

Gladly, I found answers to my questions. The God who created us (all mankind) is a Holy God and He dwells in inapproachable light. He is so pure that He cannot dwell where there is sin or any trace of darkness. Genesis 1 talks about how darkness could not comprehend His light but quickly gave way.

Yes, we were made in His image, after His likeness, but sin through the serpent(satan) robbed man of that holy estate(glory). Thank God for the sacrifice of Jesus that reinstates us back to glory. We are now made holy through The Precious Blood of Jesus as we repent. Almighty God knows our frailties, our weaknesses, our strengths, the sins we still struggle with and He is not asking us to do what is impossible.

He only asks us to trust Him enough and come boldly to Him with all our sins without any pretense to Him or any man but to simply ask for His help and He will take away our filthy garments of sins and clothe us with His righteousness and holiness. (Isaiah 1:18 ;Isaiah 53:1,6-8; Isaiah64:6)

This is where the problem is with most so called Christians who call God a liar, not by words but by actions when they refuse to acknowledge the presumptuous sins in their lives but give God services(works) in place of righteousness (right standing with God) and Holiness. Holiness qualifies us to see God.

Our works (services) will have no rewards if they are from unclean hearts. (Titus 1:16 compare with Titus 2:7) True Holiness is chasing after God like David said in Psalms 63:8 “My soul follows close behind You; Your right hand upholds me”.

God Chasers are people who chase after God and are more interested in the face of God than in the hand of God. Most Christians are so consumer-oriented that they are more interested in getting something from God than in knowing Him for who He is.

God’s purpose is for us to know Him intimately, to gaze upon His face knowing that when we do, our soul will find Him to be its delight. To what lengths are you prepared to go in order to know Him better?

The soul is capable of great passion for Him. Settle this matter before you go any further, that you will expand your prayer times and your meditation on God`s word and that from this day forward, with God`s help, you will not simply be on good terms with Him but chase after HIM. God bless you all!

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