You Have no Right to Speak About Others

It is a common human trait to talk about things and people but this trait becomes toxic and devilish when we become inhuman, insensitive, malicious, derive pleasure from causing offenses and tearing others down either secretly or publicly, without thoroughly investigating a matter, before jumping to wrong conclusions and misleading …

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Happy Independence Day Nigerians!

As we celebrate the 59th Independence Day of our great Nation, Nigeria, let us all soberly reflect on our journey thus far. Taking our cue from the biblical story of King Solomon in 2 Chronicles chapters 6 and 7 when he built the temple, offered sacrifices and prayers to God …

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The Challenges of Youth Regarding Salvation, Church and Ministry

Keeping the good faith in a perverse and crooked world is onemajor challenge, the youth are faced with.  The same issues are at play from generation to generation. It is a fact that with each generation there are certain peculiarities to the challenges they face, yet they  bear certain similarities.  …

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The ways of Jesus Christ

There is absolutely no way to discuss about the ways of JESUS without first meeting Him. Allow me introduce you to The King of Kings, The Lord of Lords, The Soon and Coming King, The Reigning King, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. (By the way, He knew you before the foundation …

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Welcome To May

First of all, I would like to appreciate God Almighty, The Giver of Life and every good and perfect gift (James1:17), The One who dwells in unapproachable Light (1Timothy 6:16) and darkness cannot comprehend it, who has bestowed upon us such great privilege to be called His Own and has …

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Dearly Beloved, Words are never enough to appreciate THE KING OF KINGS, THE LORD OF LORDS, THE GREAT I AM, THE ONLY POTENTATE, THE MOST HIGH GOD for His innumerable blessings and goodness in our lives and group, ‘Heirs of The Father’ (Hotf). What began as a Whatsapp group with …

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Happy First Anniversary, HOTF

What shall we say unto The Lord? All we have to say, Is “Thank you, Lord.” “Thank you, Lord” “Thank you, Lord” All we have to say, Is ” Thank you, Lord” Looking back at where Hotf started from, we indeed do have every reason to glorify God’s Holy Name …

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