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Born on Purpose

No matter the circumstances surrounding your birth, The Good, The Bad, The Ugly situations and people in your life, even the kind of family you were born into, you were born for a reason.

God has a purpose in life for you and you must discover it before leaving the face of the earth.

People may criticize you or cheer you on but you should never lose sight of purpose.

It is God given therefore people may not clearly understand it. Between God and you, there will always be clear cut instructions on fulfilling destiny(purpose). He will carry you on the wings of His gracious love in difficult times.

You can always count on Him. You cannot claim ignorance of this truth.

In fact, everyone will give account to God on that final day.

What will God say to you?

Will He say “Well done”?

Or “Why did you not discover your purpose in life?”

Our purpose in life is to bless others with all we were endowed with from heaven while we receive abundant blessings from The Father of Life as we walk in obedience.

Be a blessing to someone today because that is why you are here
and put a smile on God’s face today and always!

God bless you.

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