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Beware! Heaven and Hell are Real!

The reality of the kingdom of Heaven and the existence of hell in the mind of most humans are predominantly overshadowed by the beauty and vicissitudes of life.

Ironically, these very vital determining factors of man’s sojourn on earth and final resting place are often considered unimportant.

People would rather believe that the world (earth) would run its course endlessly without divine intervention or the judgment of good and bad.

I am sorry to disappoint those who have not come to terms with this reality, who have failed to see things in the right perspective, through The eye of The Most Mighty and Supreme Creator.

Heaven, of course is real and so is hell. The clock of the earth is ticking away as time very quickly runs by. Each passing day, humanity draws closer to the day of reckoning when every man, woman, boy or girl, young or old of different tongues and tribes will give account of his or her life before The Maker.

The reason for what seems like a delay now is the Infinite Mercy through the Grace of God. He is patiently waiting for the last lost sheep or sinner to come home. (And that could be you!)

If there was something Jesus was not, He was never a jester. He spoke the truth in humility because He himself is Truth, personified. His words are true and settled in heaven forever. They remain throughout eternity. Nothing can change them.

In Luke 16:19-31, He gave a parable about Lazarus and the rich man, knowing the seriousness of teaching humanity about the choice of THE FINAL ABODE, HEAVEN or HELL. If it was not revelant, He would not have touched that topic at all.
(please, read the entire scripture).

He did not want anyone to feign ignorance of this reality then, or even now. In fact, today, there are still so many true encounters of life after death from people all over the world that confirm Luke 16.

Please note, it was not Lazarus’ poverty (being a beggar) that qualified him to go to Paradise (now called Heaven), nor the rich man’s wealth that disqualified him and took him to hell. It was their different choices of who to serve and live their lives for on earth that determined their final abode.

Who exactly are you living for right now, God or satan?

If you are poor and do not submit your life to God in righteousness and holiness, accepting Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, serving Him diligently, eschewing all manners of evil and pursuing peace with all men, when you die, you will go to hell but if you are born again, you will not only enjoy the abundance of God’s rich blessings on earth but like Lazarus, even after death. ( This is not to say you will not face necessary challenges on the way, in the end, you will triumph)

The rich man was only rich in his earthly possessions and not towards God. His money and other luxurious acquisitions could not secure him a place in the smallest corner in heaven. He was very poor in the things that matter most. Thus, he was in so much torment that he begged for just a drop of water which all his wealth could not afford, to cool his tongue .

Heaven only recognizes the souls that are saved and washed by The Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. Your wealth, social status, academic achievements and so on can never qualify you for God’s approval. Neither can your poverty, lack of education, social irrelevance, ignorance of God’s promised blessings, manufactured holiness and so on.

It is therefore very important for all mankind to consider where they will spend eternity because heaven and hell are so real.

God’s desire for us is to lead holy and righteous lives that will make us worthy of His kingdom. He never created hell for man but humans by their own volition choose daily to spend eternity there with demons.

God bless you as you choose right.


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