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Approaching God in your own way

Approaching God in own way, on our own terms and not accepting His solutions and help in faith is Sin.

Almighty God understands our frailty because He created us, so He is ever willing to help us. In His magnanimity, He always find a way to rescue us, by proffering solutions to our problems and bringing us necessary help in time of need. How we often turn Him down and choose rather, to walk on the difficult path!

Invariably, this is sin before Him because anything done outside faith is Sin.

Faith is a pathway through which we follow God and must only be, as directed by Him. No one can come to The Father except he is drawn by Him.

Therefore, brethren as God’s children made after His likeness, it is expected of us to serve God as He instructed through His Word and not how we choose.

While religion is Man’s invention to serve or please God (which has never worked), the true and acceptable way is simply by responding positively to His love and invitation to surrender our will to His and let Him completely have the things that hold us!

We cannot please God by our own will but we definitely can, by His will and through His word and way!


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