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An Attitude of Praise and Thanksgiving

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Reminiscing about the past months of the almost ending year 2018, I concluded that there could be no better way to wrap it up, except by praising God with an attitude of gratitude.

The following questions flooded my heart as I searched for specific reasons to be thankful.

1. Are all my requests granted and needs met even after believing on God alone?

2. Have I achieved all my goals, aims, and aspirations?

3. Are there not regular high and low moments of strength, weakness, tests, trials, pain, temptations, joy, laughter, sadness,
and so on?

4. Does God not care enough for His children to ensure they suffer minimally?

5. Why exactly should I be grateful?

As I struggled to find sufficient answers , a flicker of light shone through my heart bringing new hope and assurance, reminding me of two scriptures , one in Matthew 6:27 which reads, “Which of you by worrying can add a cubit to his stature?”
I quickly read from verse 25 through 34 to understand Him clearly.

Not that I had never read or quoted this scripture before. Sometimes in the midst of challenges, we forget the basic truth we have always known and we worry instead of counting our blessings.

Praise God! The Holy Spirit does His best to remind us, while also comforting us.

The other scripture in Psalm100:3 reads “Know that The Lord, He is God: It is He who had made us, and not we ourselves: We are His people and the sheep of His pasture”.

Two sentences from the scripture resonate with my spirit. “It is He who has made us” and “We are the sheep of His pasture.

How so easily I quote the above scripture but when its reality dawned on me again, I understood better that my life is totally not my own but God’s.

I can have hopes, dreams, aspirations and so on but they are all subject to His will, most especially as I am His.
(Thank God for Romans 8:28)

Oftentimes, I have watched in amazement how shepherds or cattle rearers direct, guide, instruct, nurture with great tenderness and rebuke with the rod their sheep or cow.

It is not by mistake that God’s people are referred to as His sheep.

In fact, it is His prerogative how He handles every one of His sheep, neither the sheep’s nor anyone’s but one thing is certain, He has our best interest at heart. His wisdom is unsearchable and His ways are passed finding out. That is exactly why He is God!!!

Now, I am convinced more than ever that thanking God (praising Him daily by His grace) in the beautiful of Holiness, for what He has done and will yet do, is alI I am supposed to do throughout the remaining days of the Year 2018, in the New Year and until He comes.

Therefore, what are you waiting for?

“Make a joyful shout to God, all you lands, serve The Lord with gladness : Come before His presence with singing.”