About us

Romans 8:17  says “If children,  then heirs – heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ.  If indeed we suffer with Him, that we may also be glorified to gether”.

What does it mean to be an heir?

The Oxford dictionary defines:

noun (plural heirs)

Someone who inherits, or is designated to inherit, the property of another.

One who inherits, or has been designated to inherit, a hereditary title or office.

A successor in a role, representing continuity with the predecessor.

As rightly defined above,  we are first called to be children of God through salvation in Christ,  then we automatically become heirs of The Almighty God, meaning we are partakers,  inheritors of all He owns in Heaven and on earth.

At Heirs of The Father,  we are called to share with both old and young,  the ways to walk worthy of our calling and inheritance.

We  will focus on every area of life  (spiritual, physical, secular, moral and so on) as God permits us.

It is our greatest desire and prayer that everyone will find solutions and succour to problems,  answers to questions as they continue to follow Godly principles on our website.

Welcome to  the family of God!

God bless you all.