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A Message To The Youth

I bring you glad tidings from The Most High God who is ever so compassionate to the youth and has never left them out of everything He does.

If you are a young person (in the period of your childhood and maturity) and you are reading this, I want you to know that God has a very special place in His heart, just for you!

Though you may be feeling unloved, misunderstood, ignored, deserted, frustrated, disappointed, unemployed, poor; worst still, like a loser, a jerk, a failure, a loner and so on: I have news for you!
Each time, God looks at you, He sees a winner, an over comer, a perfect gentleman – His prince , a beautiful lady – His princess and most importantly, His Most Dearly Beloved Son or Daughter.
His love for you is unquantifiable; it knows no boundary. He loves you more than you can ever imagine!
No one on earth can ever truly love you better than Him, your Creator!

“How do I know?”, you may ask.
The answer is simple! It is in The Bible! From the relatable experiences of young people like Joseph, David, Daniel, Shadrach, Meschach , Abednego, Esther, Ruth, Rahab, , Phillip’s daughters to mention a few and those of other people in our own time, I could most certainly tell!

There is no one called into ministry today, who has not first encountered God during his or her youth.
This is the period of great grace, strength and exuberance when His zeal should occupy the centre space of their hearts and lives before they grow weak and weary when they may lose hope and focus, or otherwise become inactive due to the vicissitudes of life or old age.

It is during this formative period that God builds up an army, full of vigour, courage and strength among the youth for Himself. This explains why satan also swings into the action of massive recruitment of the youth to derail them from obeying and serving God.
However, for those who are not swayed, it becomes easier to walk with God because they have not allowed themselves to be led astray by the wiles of the enemy, satan. (Even for those who lost the way, there is always hope of reconciliation in Christ)

Do you still wonder why the youth all over the world suffer the most ruthless attacks from hell varying from perversion, depression, addiction, substance abuse, immorality, crime and so on?
The reason is, satan does not want them to enjoy the best and fulfilled lives in Christ. (He would rather truncate or sabotage the future and destiny)

Young men and women, the decision to walk in the liberty Christ purchased for you with His Blood on the Cross of Calvary is solely yours! And you will do well to secure your life and future in both hands by running to Jesus, who alone is your Protective Shield!

Satan has nothing good to offer you. (Remember, he specializes in killing , stealing and destroying). There are so many examples in the world today of those who lives were in shambles or ended up in misery because of their wrong decisions to serve satan.

Jesus is knocking at the door of your heart right now, will you not let Him in?
If you are still alive to read this, there is Hope of a new life in Christ for you! God loves you, so do I!


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