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A Message For The Youth (Part 2)

In continuation of the article on the youth published last month, we shall be looking into some of the factors that grossly affect or hinder the youth from reaching their full potentials.

Before we begin, we must acknowledge God’s undying love for the Youth and the key role, His Power and Presence play in the life of every human being (most especially, the youth’s).
His greatest desire for everyone is to fulfill purpose, thus He carefully guides as many as come to Him seeking His Will.

Factors affecting the Youth

1. Shaky Foundation

The home is the first point of call where God works on children through His chosen vessels called “Parents or Guardians”.
In His Divine plan, He allows everyone on earth to be directly or indirectly raised or trained by Someone.
Such bond sometimes may not necessarily be biological but it is certainly God’s unique way of demonstrating His Fatherly love to all mankind. (His special chosen vessels who dote on us could be parents, uncles, aunties, guardians, pastors, missionaries, aunties, teachers, church members, neighbours, Godly friends and so on)
The major role of these people in the lives of the children is to raise them up in the fear and nurture of the Lord.

Since the foundation of every child’s future or destiny is laid in the home where he or she is born into, Godly training through parents and guardians should never be overlooked nor neglected.

Prior to marriage, intending couples should outline the Godly values they possess and humbly seek God’s face concerning those they lack, so that their children will be properly raised and fulfill destiny.

This is because if a child is raised in a dysfunctional home, he or she could struggle to achieve the best, God has for him or her. Although, by God’s Divine Grace and Mercy, it is not impossible for him or her to succeed in the end, satan will definitely take advantage of the shaky foundation to distort the smooth sail of God’s will for such a child. (Only God can safely lead anyone through His Will in life)

Believing parents ought not to sit at ease either, expecting God’s will for their children to go unchallenged by their archenemy, satan.
In fact, a greater demand is placed on them by God to prayerfully and in wisdom guide their children or their youth through life, whatever their age and as the need arises.
It is not enough to take them to church, give them the best gifts ever, and only hand down a set of rules or do’s and don’t’s for our young people to abide by, relating with them one on one and establishing a strong connection where they open up and seek counsel from us about their challenges and difficulties, often proves to the best legacy.

2. The Insensitivity of Care-Givers

As Parents and guardians, we are care-givers to our children and our youth but sometimes we overreact to the ones we were called to mould. We take out our frustrations and anger on them, especially when they act in ways we consider offensive or inappropriate.
As much as correction, discipline, punishment and rebukes are allowed by God, He specified that all must be carefully done in His kind of love which never destroys but builds up.

When there is no love in the heart of the person rebuking or training a child, it comes off as an abuse and there will be no good result achieved. That child may end up feeling unloved, thus boycotting training and may shut his or her mind to God or the things of God, the parents are teaching him or her.

3. Peer Pressure

God’s design for humanity is to socialize and not be an island to ourselves otherwise the world population would not be this large but wrong association was never His plan as He seriously warned against it in His word.
Every youth is expected to choose his or her friends wisely (ensuring the relationships are based on Godly principles and values that they have been taught).
The temptation to bow to the pressure from your age group who are not following God will definitely come but with God’s help, you will overcome if you obey Him and do His will.

4. Rebellion

Raising little children often proves to be a lot more seamless, unlike raising teenagers and young adults who believe they are old enough to control their own lives and their parents’ also.
While it is important to allow the youth some liberty as they prove to be responsible enough to handle life, occasional supervision is also very crucial.

If a young man or woman does not recognize his or her parents’ or guardians’
authority, some form or measure called ‘discipline’ should be lovingly put in place.
For example: Privileges can be withdrawn for some time, until there is compliance but essential responsibilities or duties should never be wickedly withdrawn.

Please note that the main purpose of discipline is to correct and nobody (let alone, the youth) wants to be corrected.
It is better to lay down the rules and consequences for a child, early in life, so that when he or she is older, he or she will not depart from it. If a young person is rebellious, we should pray for him or her and never give up on anyone!

In conclusion, God knows the challenges the youth of this generation are facing all over the world and He wants parents, guardians, teachers and those He has put in charge to show them love. They should be encouraged to serve God and do what is right at all times.


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